Friday, 10 February 2012

x-men 3: the last stand

today i will be revieviewing x-men 3:the last stand. this movie has a different director than the previous two so the bar is set high. it features most of the original cast's and some new fresh faces.the plot of this movie concerns a new injection that was made to cure mutants.proffesor xavier wants to resolve this without fighting while on the other hand magneto wants sets out to destroy it any means necessary.while the two seperate factions of mutants are at war xavier and magneto still have a lot of mutual respect for each other.there is also relationships growing in this movie.the new director kept up with the standard set and overall this a good action flick.

great action sequences
the on screen chemistry is amazing between most of the characters

some stupid costume choices
not as much fighting as i would like
too short
overall i would give this film a 8.5 out of 10

if you have any requests comment and i will try to do them